Thursday, June 16, 2011


Cutloose is a top night in Manchester, they've had some amazing guests over the years including Mark Seven, The Idjut Boys and Brennan Green and this friday night they'll be featuring supreme crate digger and Theo Parrish favourite, Sadar Bahar. Ouch! What i wouldn't give to be there... Check out the Cutloose website for info on the gig and a bunch of very fine mixes from some of their guests, I cant recommend it more highly. As a special treat, and I mean really special, Paul Jenks who run's the night and who is clearly a consummate digger himself, has given a.n.o.e. a sublime, drifty, after hours, head nodding, deep digging, journey into exactly the sorts of sounds we love here at earth's headquarters. Jenks' mix 'Wildwood' is already one of my favourite of the year so far and I'm hoping we can convince him to give us a track listing. Thanks so much for dropping in Paul, everyone else download the mix now for instant sweet release...

Paul Jenks - Wildwood

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