Thursday, June 30, 2011


Claremont 56 sub label Sixty Five recently signed two new JAZ edits, the resulting 12" has just gone up on Piccadilly's pre order list. Sixty Five's neat catalogue is almost all JAZ, they're great records which get regular outings here at a.n.o.e. hq, and this new double sider will make an excellent addition. Both sides of this 12" are superb, super superb; these magic JAZed up crate finds sport delightful Euro babe vocals and antique underground Disco vibes, for the minute they're my most favourite JAZ edits ever. The Episcopal minister delivers sweet 'n heavenly Disco goodness again! Essential!!!!

SoopahLuv (JAZ edit) by J.A.Z.

Everybody More (JAZ edit) by J.A.Z.


John Zahl said...

out today, limited run, don't miss the window! :)


Trevor said...

More pointless edits from jaz of some records he bought on cosmicdudes ..yawn.

chris keys said...

thanks for your comments Trevor. clearly we disagree.. do u own some of the original records which JAZ has brought new light to? lucky you!

Trevor said...

if you heard the originals

superlove - 1234
galaxis - i want more

you'd know these edits are just so utterly pointless - both great tracks but absolutely no need for an edit. thought everyone new these but hey obviously jaz can add a few bars and get some hipster cosmic disco credit for them

enjoy the site btw anyway ;)

chris keys said...

hey Trevor
no I havent heard the originals, though I definitely heard Galaxis mentioned before. I'll hunt them down now and check em out. thanks for the info. thing is I do hear what you're saying and the edit thing has gotten totally out of hand and way too much stuff is being edited for no reason but for self promotion which brings the game down a bit. but there is this thing where a guy like JAZ brings new interest to a fairly or very unknown record and also makes it more affordable for some of us. but then perhaps re-issuing it is another route to consider. I like John a lot and we're friendly so I am a little biased for sure but let it be said your comments have not gone unnoticed :) we get very little bad press around here :) glad u enjoying the site!

Keep Love Alive said...

Until I can track down the now elusive 7" this extended version will do nicely, thanks Jaz. And I'm not a hipster.

chris keys said...

same here! :)