Saturday, July 02, 2011

let's merge

When it comes to digging for African records, there are so many very fine sides that have become impossible to find, due mainly to limited print runs and very minimal distribution, even in Africa. It's a bit like getting into dub, you could spend an entire lifetime researching it and uncovering huge gems. I have a pretty long list of wants which includes a little known Nigerian act called Hotline. There was a South African band, also called Hotline, I see a lot of their records about, but we're talking about an entirely different beast. The Nigerian Hotline's only album came out on Blackspot Records, home also to a great Christy (Essien Igbokwe) album and a much sought after Benis Cletin record (you may know the relevant Sofrito Edits Record which uses Benin's tracks). The album is packed with Afro boogie gems, the over all sound is cheap and minimal, but in the best possible way; it's Electro Disco Pop flava and township vocals combine to make this both unique as well as irresistible. 'Lets Merge', from the A side, rocks my world. You'll have to excuse the recording, no one i know has found a decent copy so far... Afro Boogie Pop... the night is young...

Hotline - Let's Merge 

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