Thursday, July 14, 2011

following E.M.G.S.

Ok work has been keeping me very busy, but it's time to get things moving here on anoe again... The easiest place to start would be to introduce you to a couple of people I've been following on Soundcloud who you really need to check out. E.M.G.S. hail from Tokyo, Japan, the dual talents of Asai & Kaji who are E.M.G.S. are quietly putting out a bunch of very cool, crate digging, often left of center edits through their SC page, all of which are available for download and all of which are essential to your collection. They have two sets or EP's called 'Editors Must Get Stoned' and a couple of extra bits and pieces, plus a brand new one which went up today called 'Desert Disco' which is damn fine. Check 'em, follow 'em and I'll be back to talk a little more about them in the near future (there's quiet a bit you should know about them)... to new friends then...

Desert Disco (orient edit) by E.M.G.S.(ASAI & KAJI)

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