Thursday, July 14, 2011

lost star

I've been on a serious Library music journey just lately and have shelled out a small mountain of cash i don't have on a number of fairly hard to find records. There seems to be an infinite cosmos of great sounds if you get really deep into this end of things, but much of it is unaffordable, unless you find the lp's in good digging spots. Anyway, one record I'd love to own but don't, or not yet anyway, is British songwriter, composer and occasional Library Record producer Anthony King's 'Lost Star' on Peer International Library Limited. The very clever people at Jazzman re-issued the albums best track 'Filigree Funk' back in 2002... Super deep!

Anthony King - Filigree Funk


Anonymous said...

OUCH! that is just ..speechless


chris keys said...

bomb! :D