Sunday, July 03, 2011

press play #49 - Albion

A little while back I had the chance to interview Albion, his fantastic 'Mixtura' album for Ambassadors Reception was about to be released and he'd reached episode 14 of his mammoth and much loved mix series of the same name. He's unquestionably a guy who takes his record digging very seriously, he's uncovered many many crazy obscure Disco records over the years, which we now get to enjoy. I have always loved the idea that an amazing record can be dug up from some dank basement by one guy and soon find a new worldwide audience as a result. Few enable this process better than a guy like Albion, it's said that he can spend days on end, till he can no longer walk straight, hunting out those Disco truffles that proliferate in his mixes.

I cant begin to tell you what a joy it is for me to hand over Albion's absolutely amazing new mix 'The Continental Disco Sound' for a.n.o.e.'s Press Play series. It's indescribably good, more than an hours worth of track after golden track, every one a must have Mediterranean Disco bomb! My own personal digging list just got a whole lot longer, ouch! Oh I really can't recommend this more highly!! Huge thanks go out to Albion for this very special mix, I am a very happy fella, how about you?

Press Play #49 - Albion - The Continental Disco Sound


John Zahl said...

Wow! Awesome mix from the obscuro king! Thanks Chris and thanks Albion. -JAZ+

chris keys said...

yes!!! :) its so good!

gu said...

Absolutely one of the best mix ever!

Koneater said...

Any tracklist anywhere???