Saturday, August 06, 2011


Ok it's true, I've said very little about new music just lately. Fact is there have been truck loads of great new sounds out over recent months, one record that has been a constant player through long hours of work over this time, is the excellent 'Galactica' album by Tuscan trio Out Of City on Lipservice. Primarily an electronic Disco Not Disco affair, Out Of City produce a modern blend of spacey Disco, Funk, Electro, Boogie, Rock and even Punk with apparent ease. They've already individually worked with labels like Eskimo, DC Recordings and Smash Hit Music, and they appear here together as a trio for the first time (though you wouldn't say so). It's a concept album of sorts, charting the search for the Key of Salvation in galaxies far away, but it's not proggy or arty in the way concept albums can be; 'Galactica' is synth heavy, ie. lots of glorious Moog mania, it's inventive and often dance floor friendly. If you're a fan of other releases on Lipservice like the superb Rhythm Odyssey record or any of the Chicken Lips goodies, you'll love this.

Long time friends of a.n.o.e. The Main Stem have also just dropped their first single from their debut album on Lipservice too, it's a cracker, but more on that in a minute... In the mean time check out 'Phobos', one of my favourites from Out Of City's classy side...

Out Of City - Phobos

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