Saturday, August 06, 2011

Press Play #51 - The Main Stem

Keeping up the pace on our, by now, pretty serious collection of Press Play mixes, I'm deeply delighted to bring you a new and 'homegrown' mix from The Main Stem (their second for our series). The Main Stem are about to release their debut album 'Electric Church' through the below mentioned Lipservice. Their first single for the label, 'Contortion Danse' is already out, it has excellent mixes from The Rhythm Odyssey, themselves and Mark E. I love their album, it's very English, it's all cowbell Funk and Disco played by a Country and Western Punk House band, it's The Clash on a Disco holiday in Benidorm, only not cheap or tacky. 'Kountry Klubb' from the record (also in the mix) is the coolest new Disco track since Soiree's 'Zim Zim Zah Zah', well in my addled mind anyway, though you'll find plenty of their left field genius at work across the whole lp (out late August).

So for their 'homegrown' mix The Stem have kept things very close; all the tracks are by them or label buddies Dean Meridith and Andrew Meecham (Chicken Lips, Rhythm Odyssey, The Emperor Machine), others are mixes of their original material, and it includes that heavyweight Emperor mix of Locussolus. Massive love goes out to The Stem for dropping by with this beast...

Press Play #51 - The Main Stem's Homegrown Mix

Track List:
1.The Main Stem - Electric Church (Intro)
2.Bernard Fevre - Dali (Emperor Machine mix)
3.The Main Stem - Kountry Klubb
4.Harvey Presents Locussolus - Little Boots (Emperor Machine's extended mix)
5.The Rhythm Odyssey - Move Groove (Dr Dunks mix)
6.The Main Stem - Yes, Sacrifice! (Mark E's turn the tv off mix)
7.The Rhythm Odyssey - Right On Up For Love (Main Stem version)
8.The Main Stem - No Love (Downtown Party Network mix)
9.The Grand Corporation ft. Jeremy Glen - Wonder and Amazement

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