Wednesday, October 05, 2011

JTC love!

A few weeks back Rotating Souls Records (one to watch for sure) dropped Jupiter Tuning Center's excellent 'Vodka Sour' on 12". It's a monster Jazz bruiser with shades of Moodyman and tons of class, actually the e.p. features four tracks by the Berlin digger, producer and dj (two as JTC and another 2 under his Boogie Arkestra moniker). You get a cross section that includes 4 very fine slices of modern Boogie, Disco and Jazz House. The always good Rush Hour has copies if you want to check the beast. Frank De Kova has featured on these pages before (quiet a few times), you'll find his JTC and Boogie Arkestra projects developed out of a long and magical musical past which used to go under the name of Coffee Garner. More recently he's had a digital release with Editorial and now the 12". I'm a huge fan and I believe you'll also find a mountain of depth on his Soundcloud page where many unreleased gems reside. Just a few days ago a track called 'Voodou Disco Shizzle' popped up, it's really doing it for me at the minute (check it below), plus if you check the embedded player below that, you'll find a late night beauty that is no longer on his cloud, from last year. It's one of my all time favourites by the man. Get with the program on this guy!

voodou disco shizzle by jupiter tuning center

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