Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Noncollective have long been providing us with some of the finest mind expanding mixes available on the www, but now you'll find head honcho David McFarline has ventured forth into the dark and murky art of releasing records. I have no doubts at all that Noncollective No.1 is destined to become a classic in your record collection; Dutch dj Abel Nagengast hands in 3 superb and eclectic edits. 'Aegean Sea' has been getting a fair bit of exposure and for good reason, it's a Balearic meets Laurel Canyon, airy and uplifting groove of serious quality, 'Belly Button' is all sweaty and sticky Euro porn Boogie and '7th of April' heads off in a Noir Crime Kraut Dub direction.... or something along those lines. 300 copies only!!! Essential!!!

(Non, Nº.1) Abel – Aegean Sea by Noncollective

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