Sunday, October 09, 2011

Croose is back!

The joke is on me, only 5 posts or so ago I was ranting on about how much more into digging I am currently, than tuning into a lot of newer music. The next thing you know, we're being hammered by good good new tunes from all directions.The new one from one half of early a.n.o.e. press play champions Worst Friends' Tom Croose is, in a word, huge!. Actually it's been a minute since his dreamy 7" rework of Fleetwood Mac's 'Never Going Back Again', but 'Cho Chua' is a whole other kettle of Latin grooviness. Resista (previously the home to those 'Daphni Edits'), hits no. 3 with Croose's double sided Tropicalia rework. The Dub side takes things in a slightly more minimal direction, where as the A side mix holds nothing back in it's quest to bottle the very essence of sunshine and Brazilian attitude. Both sides are superb. Check it below and feel the heat, you might even do a little dance... I did.

Resista003 by resista

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