Friday, October 14, 2011


Swedish synth meister Ralph Lundsten has recorded a fair few albums, both in a solo capacity as well as in collaboration situations. His work began appearing around 1966 and if Discogs is to be trusted his last album was recorded in 2008. His 1978 track 'Discophrenia' has been given both the edit treatment (on Moton) and a full on remix pack which can be found on a late 90's Svek release. If you're into spacey landscapes and retro synth origami he's definitely on your radar. On a recent dig I managed to find two mint Library records by the man from the early 80's, which was a bit of a thrill and turned out to have a track or three of great value. One particular track of his, which I have been playing a lot, being drawn in by its muted brilliance, is from his 1979 album with The Andromeda All Stars (a crew he did several albums with) called 'Alpha Ralpha Boulevard'. Check out 'Lifetide' which closes the album. I see the track featured on a Prins Thomas mix for Fact magazine last year too. Excellent!

Ralph Lundsten & The Andromeda All Stars - Lifetide

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