Friday, October 21, 2011

find a way

Lusty Zanzibar's debut album has been awhile in the making, but with work on it now complete, Nang are letting it out to play with people this Monday. If you check out Lusty's first 12" on Bear Funk on Discogs, the 'recommendations' at the bottom of the page suggest artists like Morgan Geist, Ilija Rudman, The Revenge & Harvey's Locussolus would also be enjoyed by fans of the Zanzibar; Geist & Rudman's synth heavy, modern Disco is a good reference point if you haven't heard Lusty's music before, though Alex Cordiner's sound is certainly his own. Lusty makes intricate, elastic, electric and Italo influenced tracks, they're dense with keyboard pleasures, yet simultaneously light and uplifting. 'Find A Way' ventures through Disco, Deep House, early 80's Pop and even Balearic territories, some of the tracks feature the vocal stylings of Muneerah, but everything here is also about Lusty's obsession with the synthesizer. Square wave patterns, arpeggios, synthetic pulses, flourishes and oscillating sequences carefully combine into beautiful and deep melodies with tangible soul. The instrumental tracks on the record are currently my favourites, 'On Our Way To Bliss' and 'Luminous Motion' in particular are modern classic synth pieces, they're like updated dusty Library tunes played by a European Metro Area. Nang recently released the albums first single 'Feeling'/'Yeah' which came with mixes from Max Essa, Fear of Theydon and Ilya Santana, if you like the albums opening tracks, you'll love the EP. Check your favourite stores on monday and give 'Bliss' below a listen... Congrats on the album release Lusty!

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