Thursday, November 03, 2011

Harry Mosco

I've got a killer new Press Play going up on the weekend from a Balearic Jedi, keep em peeled for that, but in the meantime I've been wanting to share this with you for awhile. I've been really enjoying a fair bit of Afro Disco bits n' pieces lately and a stand out record for me at the minute is Harry Mosco's 1979 album 'Peace & Harmony'. Harry made several albums over a period, all released through his own label Samba Records, but this particular record is the only one I have ever heard.  The two opening tracks on the record 'Sexy Dancer' & 'Step Up' are top class Afro Disco items, both with excellent butt moving grooves. The title track of the record, which follows, heads off in a Reggae direction, while the album closer is a superb dubbed out version of the title track. I don't normally hand over two tracks from a record, but I really want you to hear both of these... check em
Harry Mosco - Sexy Dancer
Harry Mosco - Peaceful Dub

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