Wednesday, December 28, 2011

do it slow

Hot Ice's 'Dancing Free' is a much sought after deep Disco groover, it can be found on the band's 'Hot Ice No.1' lp on Polydor from 1976. The track has featured on a couple of diggers styled comps, Dimitri & Dj Muro's 'Super Disco Friends' for example. The thing is the whole album is delicious and quiet varied in it's depth. It's not that hard to find and it's not all that expensive all things considered (about 35 euro should do it for a mint copy). 'Do It Slow' and the hippy Disco beauty 'Up Off Your Ass' are my favourite items on the record, although if you're looking for a guaranteed party rocker it would have to be 'Dancing Free'. I'm thinking you need to hear the slightly off beat and  spacey 'Do It Slow'.. check it...

Hot Ice - Do It Slow

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