Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kris Percy - Disco Pour Ana

Sleazybeatster Kris Percy makes good on a promise to do a.n.o.e. a mix... i'm gonna put it up in our 'exclusive mixes' section which currently needs a little love and attention. Kris & co have been working the midtempo end of the House/Disco edits scene with their label and blog for some time now. Some of their earlier 12"s now fetch silly money on vinyl markets, others are impossible to find and many of them represent the cream that rises to the top. They've also been a spring board for many, now heavyweight, producers. I do know there's an upcoming 12"/EP featuring Frank Booker called 'Fall Out' which I'm very excited about, since Mr Booker is one of my favourite current producers. Keep em sharply peeled for that (it wont stay in the shops long).

Also, If you're in Belfast over the weekend of the 25th Feb (yip thats real soon folks), you can check Kris and Monsieur Monod doing a back to back set for Isodisco's 2nd birthday party. I reckon it should be a right knees up and one not to miss.

So that leaves grabbing Kris' beauty of a mix, which you can do below. (I'll put up a tracklist in a few days)

Kris Percy - Disco Pour Ana

Track List:
1. Being Borings - Love House of No Love (Crue-L)
2. Love Unlimited Vibes - Track 1 (Love Unlimited)
3. Soundstream - Just Around (Sound Sampler)
4. FIO - All Up In This Shit (Kolour)
5. Late Nite Tuff Guy - Hold Tight (Desert Island Discs)
6. Community - Red Hearts (W+L Black)
7. Soho 808 - Suzy's Bbq (Mystery Meat)
8. Yse Saint Laur'Ant - Slow Joe (Pickpocket)
9. LTJ - Your Love Is Good For Me (SWDE)
10. Stupid Human - Something Special (Stupid Human)
11. Keep Schtum - Hang Together (Keep Schtum)
12. Dawdle Hustle - Sunny Spot (Dawdle Hustle)
13. Yam Who - Lovemaker (Demo-Disc)


Anonymous said...

Great Mix! What about tracklist?

chris keys said...

will stick it up shortly...