Friday, February 10, 2012

Press Play #57 - Marcel Vogel

Just over a year ago a.n.o.e. was visited by Marcel Vogel, king of the lumberjacks or head of Lumberjacks In Hell, one of the cooler edits label's in recent times. You know it right? Of course you do! Back then Lumberjacks had put it's first record out, it included Em Vee's, now well known, Rolling Stones edit. Since then the label has had a killer Traxx record, a top seller 12" from Rayko (Juno's no1 Edit 12" of the year) and another excellent set of tracks from Marcel. Their 5th 12", which includes tracks from Mannmademusic and Martin Welzer aka DJ Friction, is about to land in stores and it's another top class Disco side that's definitely worth hunting down. Being that I'm a very lucky man, I got to hear some upcoming tracks from LIH006, I can say they're absolutely deadly and will undoubtedly become classics amongst diggers, collectors, Disco heads and dancers alike. Lumberjacks is proof that when it's about lesser known tracks getting rebumped for real music lovers, the edit scene has immense value. Em Vee's label has it's heart on the dancefloor, it pushes the same agenda once explored by dj's like Ron Hardy; whatever the tempo, make em sweat, flip the breaks, focus in on a groove... what a groove! Reach!

So, in what i'm hoping becomes an annual event, Marcel is back with a second Press Play mix called 'Things I Wanted To Say (The Other Time)'. It's an hour and a half of exactly the kind of tunes you'd hope and expect to hear from this consummate digger and dj; deep underground Disco with a sprinkle of House and a dusting of leftfield 80's Dance (lots of soul, lots of funk!). It had me dancing upside down and inside out... you know the score...

Press Play #57 - Marcel Vogel - Things I Wanted To Say (The Other Time)

oooh look - a tracklist :D
1. Andrea True Connection – Party Line (Em Vee Edit)
2. Pleasure
3. Disconet Like an old time melody
4. Brecker Brothers – Don't stop the music (Arista)
5. Ernie Bush - Breakaway
6. African Suite (avi)
7. Rahaan Edit - War I declare (upcoming Lumberjacks in Hell 006)
8. K.I.C. - you don't want my love
9. Curtis – How will i tell her (Al Kent edit)
10. Bamboo – I don't wann lose you (Em Vee Edit)
11. Sympho State – You know what I like (Em Vee Edit)
12. Mateial – Disclousure (Em Vee's unfinished edit)
13. P Skillz turn 2 edit
14. Rahaan Edit – Flipside (upcoming Lumberjacks in Hell 006)
15. Yello – Heavy Whispers
16. JT – I love music (Vanguard)
17. Jackmaste hate – Drum Track (TRAXX)
18. Jason lev Edit - Blue (Truth is light)
19. Labelle – Messin (with my mind) (Rahaan Edit)
20. Salsoul Orchestra – Right Size (Salsoul)
21. I love to dance (Em Vee Quick German Edit)
22. Kocky – Remone
23. Stevie Wonder – Do I do (Motown)
24. The Parrish feat Billie Love -
25. Fatback Band – Get ready for the night
27. Vibrations – Shake it up
28. Nightwind – Why can't we (Sound Boutique records)  


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