Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lovin On The Run

If i had a dollar for every time i said someone should pick up Magnetic Soul's 'Lovin On The Run' for a vinyl release, i'd be able to afford new shoes for dancing. To be fair quiet a few people have said it too, including the likes of Mark E & Frank Tope. MS must have put this particular monster up on Soundcloud well over a year ago, it's had nearly two and a half thousand plays since then and it remains one of my favourite edits in recent years. A few weeks back I received a tasty vinyl test pressing from Rotating Souls, a killer EP from Magnetic Soul which happens to include 'Lovin'. Score!

Rotating Souls is one of a handful of newer labels that are hooking up the real deal; like the visionary individuals behind Lumberjacks in Hell and Truth is Light, Curt Jackson has record knowledge. The way i see it having insight into underground records from the past helps when making decisions about releasing evergreen gems now, the fact that they all do it on vinyl is further testament to their know how and conviction. Vinyl is after all a serious commitment. I suspect this will be Jackson's biggest release to date, though you'd have to be a fool not to pick up the East Liberty Quarters & Jupiter Tuning Center releases while you're at it and while they're still around.

Ok so back to the 'Shakedown' EP by Magnetic Soul, 'Lovin' is one of three beauties included; add one off kilter rnb funk bomb called 'Shake Your Love' and a midtempo hook i really should know, reworked into 'Body Vibes',  and you have a 12" to go back to over and over again. Should be in stores soon. keep em peeled!!!

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