Friday, March 23, 2012

out in space

Recorded in Oakland California, Lady Margaret & Perry Smith from the Bobby Boyd Congress put out a lovely soulful bluesy 7" on Gemini, this in 1979. The Lady did one other 7" with the Stovall Sisters called 'If It Is Let It Be' in 1982. One can't help wonder and imagine what circumstances lead to there being only two singles made by this clearly fantastic vocalist. I love this track, I guess the space theme of both sides makes it that much more desirable for me (if you havent worked out my love for spacey tunes yet, then you'd be new around here). Anyway it's fair to say the 7" is now well sought after and will set u back a few penny's if you're inclined to go after one. It's a funny game this digging thing; when rare records land up in the hands of sellers who know things about potential value, there's always going to be tears... :) Check out the gem below.

Lady Margaret & Perry Smith - Out In Space


Amacord said...

sterling, thx :)

chris keys said...

sure thing. sterling indeed!

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