Monday, April 16, 2012

fall out frank

It's all over social networks at the minute and probably a few blogs by now too (but who reads those anymore?), Sleazybeats Recordings is about to release their final Ep in what has been a pretty fantastic series of 12"s. This, their 10th wax outing, hit's the stores in the next week or so with 3 new tracks from New Zealand talent Frank Booker aka Chris Cox. Frank's been putting out first rate music since 2009, though as Chris Cox you'll also find earlier work with cool cats like Nathan Haines. Booker's new 'Fall Out' EP for Sleazybeats could be their finest moment too; Frank's tunes for the label are edits of a kind, the kind that deftly weave chunks of the source track into entirely new modern heads down groovers. By adding fresh, crisp and ass moving beats, filtery filters and all manner of clever production tricks and tweaks, Booker guarantees a full floor. All three of the tracks on the ep are superb and not ones you'll tire of easily. Check them out below and grab this one fast, it wont last.

I feel, for fans like myself, I need to mention that this is not the end of Sleazybeats, they'll be back with new releases and a slightly different take (at least in idea) in the near future.

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