Tuesday, April 17, 2012

feel like dancing

A little while ago I heard a lovely Oliver Sain track on a mix by Sadar Bahar (Theo's favourite dj, in case you weren't aware). The fact that i didnt own any of Sain's records got me hunting down what i could find. Of course his debut lp 'Main Man' is somewhat of a collectors piece and costs a little over a hundred quid. I did, however, find a fantastic compilation of his tracks called 'Fused Jazz' which features my favourite Sain track 'Feel Like Dancing', incidentally not the one Bahar dropped in his marvelous set (though it also features on the comp). 'Fused Jazz' originally came out on AVI Records back in 1983, copies of which are as cheap as chips, weirdly there seems to be a re-issue or bootleg of said record in at Juno (also cheap) which first hit the shelves back in 1990. If you don't know this midtempo beast, check it below, you'll be dancing from the opening bar...

Oliver Sain - Feel Like Dancing

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