Thursday, May 03, 2012

Press Play #59 - Zaf

Once owner of Berwick St's famous Reckless Records, serious digger/ collector, and currently proprietor of the marvelous Zafsmusic web store, Zaf Chowdry drops in on a.n.o.e. for a decidedly non Disco jaunt through lesser known, but also pretty damned special gems and jams. If you're someone who buys every BBE release (I certainly try to), you'll also know and own his very very fine and recent 'Americana - Rock Your Soul - Blue Eyed Soul and Sounds from the Land of the Free' compilation with Mark Taylor for the label. What else do I need to say? You know this man and few know quite as much as he does!

What a massive pleasure it is to have Zaf on here and to land this truly superb mix. Thank you Z, I owe you one!

Press Play #59 - Zaf - Zafsmusic Spring Uprising

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