Tuesday, May 22, 2012

scorpion flower

Over the years i've mentioned the Lafayette Afro Rock Band/Ice/Bobby Boyd Congress connection a number of times. I have a great deal of love and interest in these guys and the various configurations they took on over the course of the seventies. Every one of their albums features a number of amazing Funk, Afro and Soul tunes and every album has that one or two super special items which I go back to over and over again. One particularly interesting record, compiled for Kedzie Records in 1975, called 'Tonight At The Discotheque' features tracks by almost all the different guises that Lafayette recorded under, including Krispie and Company (sometimes also spelled as Crispy and Co), Captain Dax, and Ice, along with a couple of other interesting artists added in. I don't own a copy of this comp yet, though hopefully that's about to change; the stand out track, for me, has to be The Lafayette Afro Rock Band's 'Scorpion Flower', a smouldering Disco Funk beauty. It's a track that pops up on several of the groups records; there's a version on the Crispy And Co album 'Funky Flavored', another can be found on the double album 'Thumpin' by Ice, plus there's a version on The Lafayette's Superclasse comp 'Afon - 10 Unreleased Afro Funk Recordings (1971 - 1974)', but I ain't heard that particular one yet. Of the three version i have heard, the one on 'Tonight At The Discotheque' is the one that trips my head. Check it below...

The Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Scorpion Flower

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