Wednesday, May 23, 2012

sunday night fevers and for the love

Over the last few years Dicky Trisco has been, in one way or another, behind some of my very favourite vinyl releases, the kind you play over and over and over. As you know he runs a number of labels, he makes his own music, he does edits, he does remixes and dj's all over the planet. His dj'ing schedule alone suggests the guy has an untameable passion for making heads dance. Most importantly Trisco does everything he puts his hand to with real style and an impeccable ear for truly memorable party music. For those of you who dont know him, his name is a clue to the kind of beats he spins. But you know him right? I know you do.

Dicky has a really fantastic cd with Pete Herbert out on limited release, it's in the stores as we speak and it's called 'Sunday Night Fevers'. What you get are 10 Disco heavy excursions by the pair, compiled from reworks they've made and played over recent years. It's an all killer, no filler sort of a ting. The edits are nice and clean, beautifully mastered, sparkling with extra production (though nothing too housey, always true to the original), and all of them sure fire dance floor weapons. The pair take on a bunch of New York'ish classic Disco beauties, you'll recognise many or most of the originals here, but Trisco & Herbert's deeper extended re-cuts freshen them up for current ears and feet. Really I want to say, more than refresh, most of these edits reignite a fire I've had about many of the originals in a way I found fairly surprising. I suggest checking it out and grabbing one of the small run. 

While you're at it, stop over on Dicky's Soundcloud page and grab a recording of his set for For The Love which was inspired by the 'sunshine people of Istanbul', I guess a favourite of the mans dj destinations. Actually I'll just pop it up here, it's really top class.


Black Amex said...

Absolutely, cannot, freaking, wait for this to drop.

chris keys said...

hope u got it BA, it's a killer!