Saturday, June 16, 2012

Magic Wand 5

Time passes quickly, Magic Wand 05 is upon us, in fact it's just in the stores this morning. Obviously I love this label; Magic Wand isn't even Timm Sure & Richard Hampson main musical concern, their Is It Balearic? label occupies a significant place on the map of important breeding grounds for forward thinking electronic (and other) music. It perpetually asks us to decide whether or not their musical output embodies the spirit of the white islands, but more than that, it actually helps define it. Anyway somewhere in the back of their label's office, hides the Magic Wand box, from which an eclectic array of tricky edits and refixy potions come.

Wand 05 features a.n.o.e. favourites and newcomers Mori Ra, two edits from FJ and another by the always present Coyote. Actually a well known deep house magician is behind both FJ edits, his muted library funk track 'Deep Freese' is a definite highlight on the 12". As is Mori's brilliant 'Oyama', dont even ask me to discribe it as I wouldn't begin to know how, except maybe to say it's already a classic in my household. But Coyote's quirky, dubby 'Marga' re-fiddle is likely to be the one i play over and over again. Get it folks...

get it here?

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