Sunday, June 17, 2012


What started out as a post about 70's Jazz Funkateers Plus, turned into a post about the super smooth Marc Moulin and his Modal band Placebo and their version of Marvin Gaye's paean to urban dislocation and suffering 'Inner City Blues'. Actually 'paean' may be the wrong word since it means a song of celebration. From their collectable (but also re-issued in Japan) 'Ball Of Eyes' LP, Placebo's take is a low key exercise in understated reserve with honey on top. It's golden and somehow at odds with the original's 'makes you wanna holla' call to arms, or is it? Not unlike some beauties from the Tropocalia era, the tracks pastoral groove delivers it's message deep in the cortex without alerting intellectual guards. Anyway as I said, it's golden...

Placebo - Inner City Blues

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