Sunday, September 02, 2012

Press Play #60 - Timm Sure

So much for getting back to posting new goodies. Well let's try again, actually i have a bunch of great things going up in the next weeks, so tune back in.

Some time ago a.n.o.e. featured a press play mix from beach heads Coyote. It was a really popular mix and was heavily discussed by record geeks all over the place. So i'm stoked (and apparently 15 again) to have Timm Sure drop in and spin some tunes for us. Dont know if you caught the Coyotes on Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space recently (check it here if not) but it's splendidly evident that these guys know music.

I have a track list, but I'll give it a minute before posting it. Thanks so much Timm for the magic...

track list:
my head is my only house unless it rains - captain beefheart
neptune(mike simonetti cafe del mike remix) - lemonade
scribble me this - dara
baa boo - reverso 68
blind andy - tommy awards
going out - coyote
home - bing ji ling
keep on keepin on - curtis mayfield
unknown - unknown
i'm crazy - starbuck
shouldnt have to be like that - fra lippo lippi
when i see you again - canyons

press play #60 - timm sure - drive to the coast


Heiterkeiter said...

Playlist please !!!

Unknown said...

I think 'unknown' is edgar winters - above and beyond (dub) (^__^)