Friday, September 28, 2012

Press Play #61 - Waxist Selecta

Not that I want to add validity to a tired old saying like good things come to those who wait, but apparently... good things do come to those who wait... The hunt for great dj's with real quality music (note: where the word 'quality' actually means 'quality' and isn't just an empty marketing tag) has always been part of what drives this blog's Press Play series. So without much further ado here's number 61 in the pack. French Dj, digger and collector Waxist Selecta brings the heat with a deep dive into his very impressive crates. 

Selecta is already known in underground circuits for his uncanny knack for hunting down on fire Afro Funk and Disco, Brazilian sounds, Jamaican beats, modern soul obscurities, tropical cover versions and all manner of goodness. Of course it's more skill than knack, Selecta is a real digger for sure and since that's still what excites us most around these parts, his dynamite mix fits right in. Waxist has spun alongside dj's like Rahaan, Jeremy Underground Paris & Rickard Masip, but more significantly he has a second slice of edit wax coming out on his own Red Stripe Disco label soon soon... seriously, check it here.

So, thanks so much for this WS, it's a superb mix, I been playing it a lot just lately. For the rest of ya, I'll put the track list up in a bit.. check it!!!

press play #61 - waxist selecta -  we dance them sleep

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