Friday, October 26, 2012

it's a fox life

Currently in stores is a brand new vinyl release from Andras Fox on the always excellent Audio Parallax. This is AP's second vinyl outing, they're being super selective about what lands up getting committed to the black stuff from their stable and honestly this slice of Foxy wax is exactly the kind of 12" you and I will be playing for years to come. So, good call David at AP! Great Call!! Obviously if u know this blog half well, then you know Andras has been someone who's music i've been very keen on for years. Andras makes Detroit flavoured beats with obscure samples and warm analogue sounds smoothed over like some white boy J Dilla sh*t. You think I'm joking; check out his hot chops on 'Your Life', 'Big Blue' & 'Magpie Echoes', the three tracks included on this clear blue vinyl gold. From slow mo beats to mid tempo House lite, Andras drops beautiful melancholy, heart aching loops onto atmospheric soundscapes that sound at once familiar and simultaneously distant and foreign. Beguiling, enchanting, soulful, beautiful....ok i said beautiful already. Only 300 in print, don't expect a repress, don't sleep until u have it securely on your decks.....

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