Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DOO on File Under Disco

I had a bit of a moment playing Ron Basejam's remix of Drop Out Orchestra's 'Day Vague' at my last gig. Hearing it on a big system was quiet special, this is a hot hot remix that deftly combines delicious House and Disco elements in a very deep (there just isnt another word for it) way. The crowd of course loved it, especially the girls (usually a good sign in my book).

So the 12", which is a taster of an upcoming 6 track release from DOO called 'The Power Of Music' (out in February), has the aforementioned Basejam monster and a fantastic Dicky Trisco remix of 'Blue Train' on the flip. Instead of me describing the tracks with limiting references and inadequate lingo for you, check the soundclips below instead and grab it in stores over the next days.

Mr Trisco's File Under Disco is getting lots of attention from underground good guys from all over the planet, it is a testament to the kind of quality new original Disco the label is pushing. Ashley Beedle, Rahaan, Bill Brewster, Harri, Downtown Party Network and Jacques Renault are amongst those dropping the new 12" and showing love for these two future classics. Now on their 3rd release File Under Disco are already a go to imprint for discerning floor pleasers but also a label that's pushing the Disco sound forward; Nu Disco this is not, rather you'll find calling it Modern Disco, Disco Disco or even just Disco more accurate. Support!!

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Unknown said...

The music on this new album is exactly the type of music that I want to be doing. I will look forward for more info to be posted.
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