Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Free Association

So much good music around, so little time to write anything half decent about it.That said things are picking up on a.n.o.e...

Many moons ago Andrew Allsgood contributed a lovely mix to our then fledgeling Press Play series, this just as he was beginning to make his way into international waters with his unique Rock/ Dub/ Disco edits. Over the years Andrew and I have chatted a fair bit over the www, more recently he mentioned a project that he'd been developing with Alister Johnson aka Catalist (a guy who incidentally rocked local dance floors on his recent visit to South Africa). Well it seems Alister & Andrew have their first ep hitting store shelves in vinyl format pretty damn shortly; Their debut Free Association record is, as i had imagined, mad good. You can listen to at least one of the ep's tracks 'Goodie Goodie' here on youtube, it's a dubbed to hell 'n back reshuffle of... you got it 'Money' (the Bob-A-Rella version i think) with lots of extra production, twists and general bump and hustle! Damn fine! The rest of the ep excites as much and it also contains 'River Styx', an exquisite mid tempo percussive groove with floaty meandering bits on top, a track with an unstoppable goose bump effect! You'll hear it soon enough and want it as much as i do. Tracks range from Disco to Rock to the uncategorisable, all of them given the Free Association fix, plus it comes in a Myth Paradise custom art sleeve (not the pic shown). SImply not to be missed.

Alister & Andrew are giving a.n.o.e. readers a dynamite, 320k, re-wired, Free Association take of 'Pistolero' for your downloading, dancing, dj'ing pleasure. It's exclusive to you and not on the ep.A huge thank you FA.

Free Association - Pistolero

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