Thursday, December 06, 2012

Press Play #64 - Rahaan (pt2)

December should be rather excellent on the ol' blog if all goes according to plan, a month of heavyweight Press Play action along with a few track posts thrown in for good measure in fact. First up is the second part of Rahaan's epic 6hr 'Basement Session'.If you're a fan like i am or if you enjoyed pt1 you're already downloading pt2. If you're just discovering the man then read this and check out both parts. Rahaan goes deeper and deeper into Disco & Funk madness, spinning both classic underground hits and plenty far lesser known items. Being that Rah is from Chicago, he has an insiders knowledge of the practically  insurmountable history that went down as dance music flourished over three decades in the city. Is it corny to say it's in his blood and you can hear it? Anyway thanks again to the man and keep em peeled for the final 2 hrs...

press play #64 - rahaan - the basement session pt2

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