Thursday, December 20, 2012

Press Play #65 - Olivier Boogie

Recently Lumberjacks released their 8th 12". Lumberjacks in Hell that is, of course. On the flipside of the big Red Greg 'Inner Rhythm' edit are two burning hot tracks by Amsterdam resident O.Boogie aka Olivier Boogie or even Olivier Tuineir. As far back as 2007, if you can remember that far back, Rush Hour Recordings included the man on their excellent Beat Dimensions compilation (the first one) and followed it up with a couple of 12"s with various other players (check Discogs if ya llike). Since then Olivier has gained a reputation as a very much on fire DJ with appearances in New York, his home town Amsterdam, Flanders and a bunch of places in between. With the least amount of searching you'll find a few eclectic mixes already on line by the Boogie, some of which i have heard and loved. The Boogie plays a heady mix of edits, hard to find tracks, current underground releases and forgotten gems, across a tight range of genre's.

So, continuing with December's big Press Play push (which will probably spill over into January at this rate), I'm delighted to hand over this new mix for your boogieing pleasure, and you will surely boogie, from O. Boogie.... Thanks so much Olivier for dropping by, the rest of you know exactly what to do next...

press play #56 - olivier boogie - the boogie is on....
Track list:

Pollyn - Sometimes You Know (DJ Harvey Remix)
Sir Won - Hooked (Kon's Nite Time Remix)
Dr. togo - Be Free (Extended Version)
Chris Rea - Josephine (Le Edit 123)
Boof - Joi Is Smiling
Intrigue - I Like It (TZ Would Rather Have The Money Edit)
Patchworks Ginger Xpress - Brother's On The Slide (Brooklyn Mix)
Unlimited Touch - In The Middle (Jski Extended)
Salsoul Orchestra - Ooh I Love It (Love Break)
Ten City - Devotion (Melon Drumapella Edit)
Pezzner - Mesh (Zepp01 Remix)
Carol Jiani - Hit 'N Run Lover (Ebokai Edit)
Central Line - Suprise Suprise (Olivier Boogie Edit)
Wuf Ticket - The Key (Numatik Edit)
Eli Escobar - Come Go With Me

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