Monday, December 24, 2012

Press Play #66 - Theo Lawrence

I'm really quite chuffed about this mix from Theo Lawrence. Theo and I have been chatting over the www for sometime now, he's a digger/ collector of the Balearic'ish variety. Obviously we share an interest in lesser known records from all over the planet. Anyway I've been bugging the man to do a mix for this here blog because i believe he has some wonderful records in his collection, turns out he does indeed.

So maybe you're wondering who Theo Lawrence is, well he's a transit van driver mainly in the north west of the UK. He dj's occasionally (personally i think he should do this a lot more), but mainly his very deep passion for music gets a thorough workout over the many hours spend on the road. He says 'I listen to a lot of really great mixes of evidently quite amazing record collectors with some serious diggin skills going on. It's where i listen to music the most, and possibly how i enjoy it the most....'. Without wanting to sound like a clever dick, I'd have to say there is a definite travelogue feel to Theo's brilliant 'Fragments Of Freedom pt1.' mix, but also a surprising essence of sunshine for someone who drives the dark northen roads. What i really wanna say is i love love love this mix a lot, it's Press Play quality for sure. The fact that Theo is not a big name dj matters not, what matters is that you know him now and you'll surely remember his name once you give this a listen... i reckon! Mix of the year? Definitely perfect for the holidays!

Huge thanks go out to you Theo, for the rest of ya, you know where to get it... Happy holidays everyone.

press play #66 - theo lawrence - fragments of freedom pt1.


Anonymous said...

Love this mix! Looking forward to Theo putting together another one!

Unknown said...

Wonderful! I love this mix!
Thanks for sharing.
Any chance for a tracklist?

Anonymous said...

absolutely brilliant, Thanks a lot for your superb selection

Anonymous said...

Second Direction - Flying Carpet Ride
Night Ark - You've Got A Friend
Ney Matogrosso - Promessas Demais
??? - ???
David A. Stewart - Lilly Robs The Bank
Mudd & Pollard - Scaffold
Alain Delon - Comme Au Cinema
Club House - Infusion
Jeff Liberman - Springtime
Ned Doheny - Think Like A Lover
The Crusaders - I Felt The Love
Bob Welch - Don't Let Me Fall
Jean Luc Ponty - Elephants In Love
Deodato - Whistle Bump
Aretha Franklin - (It's Just) Your Love
Hiroshima - I Do Remember

Thanks for listening!!

Theo :)