Sunday, March 02, 2014


80's library albums can be a dodgy business, especially anything from '85 onwards. The chances of finding something good are lessened every added year in the decade. That said, there are gems, of course there are. So Anthony Hobson's 1983, electronic opus 'Milennium' for Music De Wolfe is one of those. But dig a little deeper (some of you will probably know this already), and you'll find that Anthony Hobson is also English producer Trevor Bastow. Trevor did a lot of library records for de Wolfe, Bruton, Music House and others. You might also know that his heavyweight 'Hey Disco' album for Programme Music is highly sought after... and for good reason. Bastow was also the man behind several similar releases under the name Unit 9. He was also, incidentally, Geoff Bastow's brother, who is also well known on the library scene. Trevor passed away in 2000. Anyway back to the 80's and 'Milennium' on Music de Wolfe, which has a couple of really great tracks on it; 'Polestar Version 2' is the one most collectors are after. But snuck right at the end of side two is a beauty called 'Savannah Gold' which is the one i'm sharing with you's a real treasure. I see that Basso, who knows everything there is to know, put the full album up on his blog back in 2010, so im not breaking any new ground here, but then maybe you missed it...

Anthony Hobson - Savannah Gold