Friday, February 28, 2014

Jungle Caravan

So attempts are being made to re-invigorate this space. Of course you wont expect tons of glorious posts all at once, but as i say attempts are being made... So many newly discovered gems both new and old to share with you, that might perhaps be new to you and your aural receptors, or even old friends to your infintely more wise and learned ears. For instance, i came late to the whole Yan Tregger flurry of a few years ago, his records are not easily found out here in Africa... on a regular dig i mean. So i would have to resort to listening on the internet and importing these very expensive records when & where possible. I dont, as yet, have a copy of his 1985 album 'Hypnosis' with Daniel Scotto; it's a curious shop of horrors if you like, with typical Tregger tricks and treats, and tracks with titles like 'Horror Dolls', 'Terror Time' and 'Driver'. Im not a huge fan of dark horror type stuff (melancholy is my drug of choice), but this record has a number of really interesting tracks on it with unlikely hybrid forms and inverted inversions which are also most listenable. Here is 'Jungle Caravan', a beautiful, smokey, 80's soundtrack for late nights on earth.

Jan Tregger - Jungle Caravan


David Veinot said...

Hi Chris,
Welcome back .. . although I know you never left posting on this space. All your mixes in the past year have been wonderful. But I am looking forward to choice selections as I really dig your 'spacey' taste in music. Keep it up!

chris keys said...

ha! bless ya mate. nice to get some feedback right on the first post back on the old game.. more spacey bits in coming. :)