Friday, February 21, 2014

Press Play #73 - Jupiter Tuning Center

Jupiter Tuning Center has featured many times on anoe, in various guises. Each of them a quality source of deep rare Jazzy beats. JTC is my favourite; the name is right, the digging is deeper, and space is the place... or Brasil is, in this case. 

Last year in June, Editorial put out JTC's 'Soft Landing', a classy rework of an original by Pete Jolly. In 2011, Rotating Soul put out this essential collection of beats from the Berlin resident. There is an untold amount of unreleased material from JTC and his various monikers, you can check out some of them here. One cant help wonder why there arent more releases of his on vinyl, his music is made for vinyl and certainly the source for most of his reworks, mashups, cutups and remixes is vinyl. The man is a heavy digger with strong opinions on the record industry, all the while hammering away at rare Jazz beats in his interstellar recording laboratory almost every night. 

JTC is a dj too, of course, and it's geared in this mode that he appears here on anoe today. I've been after a mix from him for years, thus i'm delighted to lend your ears this Brazillian essence of sunshine, this 34 track deep, hour and a half journey into the world of Jupiter Tuning Center. Modern latin tracks rub shoulders with unknown Bossa gems, sultry Samba shufflers bump bottoms with break infested beauties... and so on...hardcore breeze. Get on it below... 

(tracklist now in the comments)

press play #73 - jtc - educacao&progresso

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chris keys said...

01: billy larkin < pygmy pt.2
02: easy access orch. < fooling myself < king kooba rmx
03: luiz enrique < mais que nada < gaetan edit
04: noriel vilela < 16 toneladas
05: suba < a felicidade
06: 40 winks < do me a favour
07: tim maia < gostavo tanto de voce < jtc refix
08: celso fonseca < slow motion bossa
09: antonio adolfo < cascaval < sine qua non edit
10: pete rock < appreciate < pooky mello bossa edit
11: marian mcpartland < love for sale
12: oddisee < viva brasil
13: sergio mendes < masquerade < kgo edit
14: vinicius cantuaria < bridge
15: alaide costa < catavento
16: minus8 < white
17: joao donato < cala boca menino
18: lucas arruda < sambati
19: jackson pandeiro < zum zum zum < anam rework
20: king most < sun fran 2 tokyo
21: dusko goykovich < quo vadis samba
22: roxanne shante < paper thin < freqnik & wdre remix
23: simone < tudo que voce podia ser
24: jupiter tuning center < air hostess bossa
25: dynamis syncopation < the plan
26: reel people feat. omar < outta love < 4hero rmx
27: lenny andrade < samba de rei
28: ana mazzotti < agora ou nunca mais
29: domes i chang < secret love
30: j rocc < something in you
31: dj smash < bossanova
32: tom ze < dor e dor < sine qua non rerub
33: voice < gimme space
34: marcos valle < nao tem nada nao