Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Press Play #72 - Andrew Allsgood

Getting back into the swing of things nicely now... Andrew Allsgood has featured on these pages many times, both in his own capacity and with Alister Johnson as part of Free Association. With a recent appearance on Beard Science and two 12's with Free Association, the man is practically on fire all over again... the imminent third ep from Free Association is a killer Afro leaning 3 tracker that must be aquired at any cost, get it early and avoid the discogs price increases later. This heavyweight record can be heard here. There is something to the lineage of diggers that hail from Canada, it's a different perspective if you like and clearly there's a wealth of left of center and lesser known gems to be found. Andrew says he and Alister mined the three originals on this latest 12 in his hometown of Toronto. It causes me restless nights if i think about it too much. 

Anyway what is more important than all of that is the return of Allsgood to the Press Play series. You get a 2hr trip through some stone cold classics, a handful of Free Association fix ups, a couple of tracks i've never heard before, a cover up and something from Amen Brother Disco Band. It's well class!! Thanks go out to Andrew and you lot can get on it below. I do have a tracklist which i'll put up in a bit..

press play #72 - andrew allsgood - psychedelic sunday

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