Friday, December 20, 2013

Press Play #71 - Nick The Record

You'd be hard pressed to find a man who knows and loves records more than Nick The Record, the name says it all really. Nick aka DJ Friendly aka Soul Ascendants aka East West Acid Test, aka Oneness of Two aka Lifeforce is a name that's familiar to any serious record collector, he's the boss at online store Dj Friendly Records and he's put out a very decent catalogue of excellent records over the years (some of which feature here). He is one of my favourite DJ's, his sets cover a wide range of styles and almost always contain more than a handful of hard to find, slept on tunes. More than that, his sound is freeform, musical, raw and dare i say organic?... or natural?...  erm anything i say now will just sound naff... The thing is if u know half the dj's in the Press Play series, you already know Nick The Record, which is why you'll also know how pleased i am to have him join the series. Thank you Nick, the mix is a cracker!

Nick has a couple of gigs coming up... tonight actually, at Amp & Deck at The Waiting Room, check here for details, plus he has a New Years Eve shindig in his home town Brighton. Also keep an eye out for a new record from the man on Japanese label Ene in the new year with the honorable Felix Dickinson. Check it!!

press play #71 - nick the record - lazyblend

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