Monday, August 12, 2013

the return of Underdog...

Boom! and just like that, we're back! I'll give you a run down on things in an upcoming post but for now let's stick to the job at hand. I got a shout from Leonard Part Sixx a couple of days ago, he tells me he's been working on new material for his Underdog edits project and that there are some new releases lined up. This is exciting news, the way i see it. Back when edit culture was going through perhaps it's biggest rebirth, Leonard's Underdog reworks stood out for his unswerving dedication to underground, slept on tracks... There have been some real dynamite edits in the series thus far. So yes exciting. Then to top it all Part Sixx hands over a recent reworking he's done of the Dave Grusin produced 'Funking For Jamaica' by Tom Browne, for your downloading and dancing pleasure. Score! I always dug the original of course and the Underdog edit adds freshness into the mix with an instrument heavy intro. Nice, very nice! 

Of course Leonard also contributed one of our early'ish Press Play mixes which surprised and delighted many readers back in the day (check it if you havent before). There's a good chance he'll be dropping in on the series again... Thanks Leonard for the lovely gift... grab it below.

Funkin' For Jamaica (Underdog Edit)

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suedehead said...

thanks for the update Chris and of course the free dl. Nice one!