Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Press Play #12: Leonard Part Sixx

What a pleasure it is having Leonard Part Sixx aka Underdog participate in A.N.O.E's Press Play series. The Underdog edit series has been a cornerstone of many of my sets over recent years; along with Theo's Ugly Edits, Paul Raymond, Idjut & Bearfunk bits (amongst others), Leonard's releases contributed to pulling me back to my first love Disco. Having been inspired by the edits and mixes of greats like FK, Moulton, Levan, Hardy and more, this man fits with cool cat ease into the great Disco lineage, of course he's also from Chicago, which helps. It's a tough job trying to choose a favourite of his vol. 1-10 series, right now I'm playing his edit of 'Reaching' by Dazzle far too much (nah!).

Leonard's Myspace page has a great biography, a lovely pic of the man thinking behind the mixing board, some new sound bits, promise of furthur edits (volumes 11-20; actually vol 11 is already out and vol 12 is dropping in a few weeks), production work on a whole stack of projects and more. I particularly enjoy his philosophy on what a re-edit is
- go check it.. Definately keep your eyes open for his remixes of The Heavenly Seventies & Codebreaker, which are currently in production. If that isn't enough, there is an Underdog Edits mixed CD on the way too.. I know I'm not the only one who's excited about all that...

Here then is Press Play#12 aka 'Thought U Wanted To Dance' from Leonard Part Sixx, I'm not even gonna try and describe it to you, it's a corker! Thank you so much Leonard, for dropping this instant party on us. As always you can find the mix under Press Play on the side bar or right here!

01. The Sunburst Band: God Is
02. Lovebirds: Midnight Stalking
03. Coco Steel & Lovebomb: Touch It
04. Side Effect: Always There (Part Sixx's Underdog Edit)
05. The Escorts: Make Me Over
06. Elijah John Group: Keep A Little Love For Yourself
07. Geno Washington: Caught In The Middle (Part Sixx's Underdog Edit)
08. BSTC: Jazz In Outer Space
09. Michele: Can You Feel It (Masters At Work vs. Underdog Re-work)
10. Escort: Karawane
11. Eddie Henderson: Say You Will
12. Wilbert Longmire: Black Is The Color


pipecock said...

"make me over" and "black is the color" are two of my secret weapons! DLing this now. nice one!

Marc Kets said...

Black Is The Color is one of mine, too. Properly rumbled now.

SoulFunkLifestyles said...

More "deep disco," huh? Will give a listen. Leonard Part Six know his music.

Cantopop said...

On the d/l
Been a while since I last visited
Hope you're keeping well, Chris

Sterling work as always

christopher keys said...

hey all,
yeah some really good tunes on there, trust the man to bust out some special bits..

hey cantopop come back more regularly we miss u :)