Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Music

OK, I'm more or less back on track post computer hitches, hangups, technicalities and memory chip rage, so I can swiftly get back to plying you with tunes u might find interesting ...

Leela James' 2005 single 'Music' was turned into an underground burner by one of my favorite's; Swedish Soul warriors, 7 Samurai (I may have mentioned before that it had a club presence here in SA, thanks to a well known dj who gave it much play). Anyway, its a smoldering and knowing shout out to the past, both in it's original form and the G.A.M.M. re-edit/ re-make/ re-model. I seem to have landed a copy of the Danny Krivit edit also from 2005, which in true Krivit style works with the original track's parts and adds to the languid loveliness... yum

Leela James - Music (Mr K Edit)