Tuesday, March 11, 2014

hibiscus love

Serious Record Alert! New York based label Alliance Upholstery are about to release their debut 12". It's the kind of record that will fit perfectly amongst your Andras Fox, Uku Kuut, Jex Opolis, Benny Badge and Moon B sides. 'Hibiscus Pacific' from Greeen Linez sounds exactly as you'd imagine a track called 'Hibiscus Pacific' would; a touch of Boogie, a little JazzFunk, a smudge of lo fi House and more than a fistful of Japanese supermarket Muzak. It's pure gold, the way i hear it, and it fizzes and bubbles with a special warm shimmering energy. If that's not enough it's got remixes from Jacques Renault, Socerer and most importantly Moon B who delivers typical icy heat! 

Green Linez are a brilliant collaboration from Tokyo based, Diskotopia label boss Matt Lyne and Chris Greenberg from British 60's band Hong Kong. I recommend scouring Youtube for more of their tracks and some excellent videos. You might start here with the promo for 'Hibiscus'

Label boss Eli Cohen tells me the name Alliance Upholstery comes from his dad's store in Springfield, MA. Describing the label's spirit, he says 'I used to strip furniture there for years. It fits the ethos of the label because we want to take old music (or music that sounds old) and update it in the same way that you would remove the fabric, replace the foam, and recover a piece of furniture'. It's a label i'm certainly going to pay a lot of attention to. You'll find pre-orders are available in Rush Hour and at Juno, amongst others... Do not miss this dreamy Green Linez release.

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