Monday, March 10, 2014

Press Play #74 - Stupid Human

'Gang of Wolves', the new ep from Stupid Human is in the shops. It's probably doing very well on the charts too... and for good reason... you have it already right? 3 slinky, Disco edged, bearded beauties make up exactly the kind of EP one expects from the Human (hear for yourself here if u havent already done so). It should go without saying that you need to get this toothy edit cluster into your collection.

So i bothered the Human, to answer a few questions and to hand over a new mix for our Press Play series. He's featured in the collection before, back in June 2010, just after he released his second 12"; you can read about it and download it here. The questions and answers follow below, after which you'll find a link to his brilliant mix (it's a real repeat player and you'll need some lino on yer floor). Big thanks go out to the man for his wonderful contribution, I would be nothing if it weren't for the kindness of the great people who bring it for a.n.o.e.

What made you go back to putting out an ep of edits?... I mean dont get me wrong, we want them and it's a great ep! - Thanks, I think it was because i was messing around with a few things and before i knew it i had enough for an EP; the tracks really complemented each other so i thought why not, i love editing but i also want to produce too and i've been doing that with some having suceess and some being not so well received. The distro warned me that original material is a tougher game to play and it is, and rightly so.

How has making this fantastic series of edits influenced your original work? - Edits give you ideas and sometimes if you just use a sample, it's that whole is it an edit or an original work so i suppose they feed off each other.

I personally got very excited to see a record of yours come out on Running Back... will u be working with them again? What is the plan re - your original material? anything new soon? - I hope so, but at the moment i'm just trying to refine what it is i'm doing, it's a personal battle, i think i need to work with some people to make it really work well, i've got a thing coming out on a new label which i did with a good friend of mine Richard Kenney. We dj together and go out now and then and he's really good at crystalising the moment when we're in the studio. Had really excellent feedback on the stuff we've done, so it's worked out really well. So i'm kind of working solo but also working with trusted friends.

Can u give us 5 Disco records that have been on your playlist the longest - Tough one, i rotate my box quite often, i get bored easily, but that said here's 5 that get proper regular plays...

Vakula - New Romantics
Nebraska - Soho Grand
Adjowa - Red Leather
Double Hill & Jerome C - A little More
Mighty Pope - Sweet Blindness

Can u do the same as above with 5 edits?
Disco & Co - Cold Coke
Rick Wilhite - B1 Saldubsa 2

Glowing Palms - Ket Set
that KZA double 12" Dig & Edit

Free Association - Love Affair       

press play #74 - stupid human - rideout


Dario said...

Hey Chris finally someone made the perfect edit of Testimony. You promised me one ages ago ;). This will do nicely.

chris keys said...

Dario!! hey man! um oh i thought you'd bought the original/re issue and therefore no longer needed the edit. hit me up on fb, i'll pass the one i have on.