Saturday, January 10, 2015

beat around the bush

It's no secret i'm a huge fan of library records. I often find myself in a cold sweat when i think about particular labels and particular artists who frequently appeared on these sorts of records. That said i dont own nearly as many as some of the guys i've seen on Crate Diggers.. that also gets me in a cold sweat. A n y w a y... one i've been after for sometime is by Roots on the Music de Wolfe label from 1982, an album that goes by the name of 'Pussyfooting'. The record is a very Funky Disco type affair with lots of Piano and Brass all over it (not usually my favourites). Being that the music here was designed for TV use, the band visit a bunch of typically cliched scenarios; Spain, a casino, the cliff's edge and of course a nightclub. A lot of it sounds like a proto Shakatack and is pretty damned cheesy. As is often the case though, the record conceals a couple of moments (3 in fact) that transcend it's original purpose and is the reason desire to own and play it occurs in the first place... Disco on a Saturday night then...

roots - party people

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