Friday, January 09, 2015


Roland Haynes' only solo album '2nd Wave', came out on Black Jazz Records in 1975. The competition for keyboardists was heavy; Bob James had released his second album and Herbie Hancock produced 4 albums in the same year. Joe Zawinul, Ramsey Lewis and Chic Corea were all on the scene too. It explains to some degree why he is lesser known. Though the album confirms his formidable talent, it lacks the kind of easy radio friendly hooks that James brought to play, or the innovation that Herbie has in abundance. '2nd Wave' is mostly fast paced Jazz and Funk played out with lush organic Rhodes keys, it's dense and warm production lend it a spiritual feel that's common on all Black Jazz releases... that said, i usually only play the one track from the album, here's why... more late night bliss for your soul...

roland haynes - aicelis

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