Thursday, January 08, 2015

blue time

Anyone with a spare copy of German fusion band Ex Ovo Pro's album 'Dance Lunatic', please feel free to send it to anoe headquarters when u have a moment... If you've heard their first album and not had a chance to hear this their second, you'll find they hardly sound like the same band. According to a reviewer on Discogs, the late 70's Fusion scene in Germany was all about finding the latest hybrids and sounds, and in their search to remain amongst the avant garde Ex Ovo moved away from their Krautrock roots and changed up to some easy listening, spacey library record styled maneuvers. I'm sure many of their fans struggled to take their new direction seriously at the time; the same reviewer offers that 'many will find this record a hoot', because of it's 'funky grooves and wonky moog synth leads'. For me that just makes it special and definitely one to find. While a lot of the album falls deeply into fusion noodle soup, the Disco tinged title track, as well as the album closer 'Blue Time' get right under my skin. so... some very late nite lovin' for your ears...

ex ovo pro - blue time

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