Thursday, January 08, 2015

new ears...

Well there goes 2014. And though I'm happy to see the back of it, this was a very fine year for music... across the board. It was also one of the most frustrating years ever, in terms of local Post Office strikes here in SA. I lost multiple packages with Records in them which cost me pride and pounds and a few bills from a local psyche dr who couldnt help me with recurring day and night mares. Loosing records is a particular kind of angst, a kind of cloying black hole of confusion and loss. 

Also Another Night On Earth has been shoddier than ever... resulting in perpetual boomerang questions colliding in my late night minds... like Do people even visit these kinds of sites anymore ? Grabbing a single song or an edit from a download is antiquated no ? No one has time for this shit anymore, right ? And the truth is there are really decent sites like Test Pressing and LWE and and and, that do an excellent job of spreading the word about quality sounds both new and old. Better than i could if i had the time.

So anyway, I resolve to continue digging for beats and occasionally dropping some here, I resolve to continue bugging dj's of consequence to record mixes for the site and i resolve to never forget the once heady days of anoe.... a site i love... Happy New Ears men and woman of the night....

teisco - white gladiator

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