Thursday, January 22, 2015


American re-issue label Love n' Haight put out a wonderful repress of Thom Janusz' heavily sought after 'Ron Forella's... Moves', a few years back. An original pressing will cost you up to $6K or thereabouts, fortunately the repress makes this pretty special collaboration between musician and dancer a lot more affordable. Beat junkies love this record, the drums are clean, crisp and ripe for sampling, while for the rest of us, it's funk and soul instrumental workouts are beautiful, clever and mesmerizing. It surprises me greatly that this is the only record from Thom Janusz (unless i'm wrong), clearly the man had quiet a talent. Anyway it's not easy picking just the one track from this beast, though i believe 'Crystals' is the reason the original record caused multiple cold sweats for diggers... What a track it is too... placed somewhere between Bluesy Jazz Funk and Yacht Rock, 'Crystals' is a classic warm and drifting gem!

thom janusz - crystals

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