Thursday, January 15, 2015


Last year Josh Cheon and his label Dark Entries put out the absolutely brilliant Patrick Cowley/School Daze compilation. The record received a great deal of attention from all sorts of quarters; it crossed over a bunch of niche or specialist markets, as it were, and was a resounding success as a result. There is some talk that there may well be a follow up. Whether you're a Disco fanatic, into 70's gay porn, a synth head, a goth or a library music fan, i'm sure you'll agree that that would be rather nice. I'm loving this slo mo, drifting, head music gem, thought to be produced by Cowley around the same time as School Daze. Ripped straight from a skin flick, the track has no known title and sounds as if it's cut short, but ...

patrick cowley - unknown

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